Welcome to ESEC/FSE'2009

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to ESEC/FSE'2009 in Amsterdam.
This year's conference continues its tradition of being a premier forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences, and challenges in the field of software engineering. Held bi-annually, ESEC/FSE brings together experts from academia and industry to exchange the latest research results and trends, as well as their practical applications in all areas of software engineering.

Technical papers cover a variety of topics, including empirical software engineering, specification & verification, analysis & testing, service-orientation, and mining software repositories.
In addition, the program includes keynote speeches by:

  • Mary Shaw (Carnegie-Mellon University) on "The Challenge of Pervasive Software to the Conventional Wisdom of Software Engineering"
  • Ralf-Peter Schäfer (TomTom) on "IQ Routes and HD Traffic - Technology insights about TomTom's time-dynamic navigation concept"
  • Richard Taylor (University of California, Irvine), recipient of
    the 2009 ACM SIGSOFT Outstanding Research Award, on "Software
    Architecture: Many Faces, Many Places, Yet a Central Discipline".

The conference also features challenge talks, in which visionary ideas in relevant Software Engineering topics are presented.

The poster and demo session further features live demonstrations and posters on ongoing software engineering research.

Workshops held at the beginning of the conference provide opportunities for exchanging views, advancing ideas, and discussing preliminary results in various areas of software engineering research and applications.
The doctoral symposium provides participants with an opportunity to present and to discuss their research with senior researchers from the software engineering community in a constructive and friendly atmosphere. 

We look forward welcoming you at the conference where we hope that you will find its program interesting and thought-provoking and that it will provide you with a valuable opportunity to share ideas with other researchers and practitioners from institutions around the world.