Airfare Discounts (Must See)

This year, we have partnered with Air France and KLM to offer discounts on air tickets for participants of the conference using the company's "Global Meetings" program.The program allows participants to book (return) flights at discounted rates to travel to Amsterdam between 19/08/2009 and 02/09/2009 (i.e., you should return by 2nd September).

There are two ways to avail these travel discounts:

  1. Book your tickets online here.
  2. Book your tickets via a travel agency with explicity reference to the "Global Meetings" program.

For each case, you'll require the ESEC/FSE's event code, which is 07643AF.

Note that at the time of travel, you will be asked to produce proof of participation at the conference. Once you have purchased your ticket, please contact Rahul Premraj to recieve a document to justify the application of preferential airfares. 

Also, feel free to reach him for any queries you may have regarding the program.